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A year (& a half) in review

Published: Wednesday 17 Jun 2020 | Edited: Monday 22 Jun 2020

I stopped blogging for a couple years because my dad killed himself and I felt like I should write about it, but I couldn't, and because I couldn't write about that I couldn't write anything.

I also felt like I should write about what happened to me and my relationship with organized religion; in a secular age, it's a boring, played-out story but it's, like, kind of, like, a really big deal for me.

A lot of stuff happened that I wish I did a better job recording.

Jan 2019 - My dad shoots himself.
April 2019 - My daughter turns 1.
May 2019 - My wife goes to work full-time as a labor & delivery nurse. I quit my job and become a full-time parent.
June 2019 - Start an LLC.
Summer 2019 - Mostly chill out with my daughter.
October 2019 - Score my first contract as a freelancer.
December 2019 - Apply for grad school in Colorado.
March 2020 - Accepted to school.
April 2020 - Request deferral from program due to COVID-related uncertainty about a normal 2020 semester start.
April 2020 - Apply for a job at the Idaho National Lab, and finally get in (after 5 years of previous applications).
June 2020 - My wife quits her job as a nurse, and I start working remotely full-time.

I'm gonna get into some of this.