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A reflection on morganucodontids

Published: Wednesday 17 Mar 2021 | Edited: Wednesday 17 Mar 2021

As far as we know, human existence is the result of accidents in series.

As an individual, with a unique and meaningful experience, I'm a temporary wave in a vast ocean of prior and forthcoming motion. If we could see all history in a glance, we would see that everything we are is connected to literally everything else that is. There is a common origin, not just biologically on earth - although that's a compelling tree of existence - but also, for every particle in the universe. It's all universe. Space is universe. Light is universe. You are universe. I am universe. And we're a really cool part of it that gets to Russian-nesting-doll out of a lineage of ancestors and briefly experience and wonder at the whole shit.

I'm so glad that the star died, that the asteroid collided, that the cell replicated, that the morganucodontids burrowed, and that a whole lot of hunters and farmers, amidst all their struggles for survival, fucked.

I can't believe I'm here. I can't believe this is happening.